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Tandem Testing

A big thank you to Sunsoar-paragliding .com for the use of their Passenger 2 glider. Their communication is superb . ( Take note other manufactures I contacted who didn't reply .You are now out of the running)

I am in the market for a tandem glider with more performance in light lift /thermals.

My Takoo3 is a brilliant wing for professional work , Strong durable and easy handling but because of these needs it always feels a little down on performance in the light .

I want a glider for my wife and myself .

Unfortunately conditions didn't play ball to do back to back testing . I had picked the most boring coastal site where nothing ever happens but the wind went from very light to a good flying wind in a couple of minutes . Not what I needed

What I can say about the Passenger 2 from U-turn is it is a light easy handling glider with some very nice features . A cleat for the brake handles so you can hold a bit of brake when getting cameras etc. . Good light lift performance , very stable under bigears nice trim settings and good feel .

I don't know if it has ( Or any tandem has ) the performance I am looking for but it is a very well put together glider and definitely needing another flight.

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