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Wonderful Westbury 2

Days out paragliding are one of life's little luxuries.

After observing the feat of 3 pilots breaking a British record and helping bringing the next generation on at Cloudbaseparagliding ltd it was time to pootle down to Westbury .

A lovely afternoon and evening flight thanks to my star copilots followed by good morning conditions. In the air by 8:30 can’t be bad and all within a walk from where we camped for a bonus

Westbury then had a surprise in store . The wind went away to be replaced by true thermic conditions. Get the right cycle and height gains where impressive . The wrong cycle and scratch away to the bottom .

As most videos of paragliding ( except acro /siv) are quite boring I normally refrain . Alas the views were so good I have succumbed to a 720 deg rotation .

May be the pictures are good enough.

It is nice to be up above most on a Tandem but then again the Apco game 42 is a special tandem .

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