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Ocean Rodeo Shift - Stick

Stick-Shift The bar that no one needs but everyone aspires to . ( Any 4 line kite)

No one needs an Aston Martin but they are a thing of beauty and so so desirable especially if you drive a Ford .

The thing is the same with the Ocean Rodeo Stick-Shift beautifully engineered , intuitive ,simple and elegant .

No depower clutter ,easy swivel and super smooth bar movement .

These are the conclusions I came to today whilst out going big in the latest storm .

I had the choice of my old bar , well tested and trusted or the new Stick -Shift and I will admit it was with a little trepidation I rigged the Stick-Shift . No issues .

First impression was how smooth the bar rode up and down the plastic covered centre rope , Friction free, It had never struck me that my old bar was notchy on the weave of the centre rope . Once on the water I needed more power . 2 or 3 clicks on the control wheel and job done . So easy. No struggling to get to the depower cleat Depowering is also so simple .

For the sake of a full test I fired off the quick release . It works and can almost be reset with one hand . The leash is a magic trick . 1 front line comes down through the depower tube , through the bar and swivel and appear by magic at the chicken loop . All very clever .

To sum up . If you like your Ford and have no ambition stay where you are .

If you want to have the best in function and appearance Ocean Rodeo Stick-Shift is the dog plums .

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