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To "Cap" it all

Eype failed miserably to bring out the sun . Dank sort of summed up . That said the wind was spot on .

Aviation was initiated by Evan and Neil shortly joined by myself .

The situation of being "johny no mates " and having to fly solo (Only the second time this year ) was improved with the new 777 Rook . Maiden free flight .

On the ground or in the air all was as it should be . On half bar this glider is fast .

I doubt I will get much chance to fly it in thermals but a rough inland site should show up any vices.

As a coastal Eype is never going to get your adrenaline running but does have a challenge of getting to Golden Cap

I have the pictures from the bottom which is as far as I got .

Nice 5 mile walk back which at least did increase the heart rate a little .

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