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Kite Sports

TQ13 7TT, UK50.584289, -3.785693

Bigbury-on-Sea,  TQ7 4AS, UK50.281772, -3.893300

Kite flying is thousands of year old and still as enjoyable as ever. With modern technologies there are even more fun ways to harness the wind .

Welcome to the wonderful world of power kiting

          Power Kite flying

Powerkiting is the basis of all traction kiting whether it be on land snow or water.

Lessons run through Safety aspects , Set-up then                                        flying.

We teach kite                                       positioning for                             power

Feel the power,                         caresses the power,                        Control the power.


Bigbury or Dartmoor

Max private group                      number 6

2 Hours £45

           Buggy /Landboard

Starting with the safety aspects of power kiting then on into set-up and kite flying.










Our goal is to get you moving!!. With practice the power will come and the buggy and mountain boards start to roll. Now it is control and steering . Easy really.


Dartmoor . Occasionally Bigbury

Maximum group size by special arrangement 4

3 hours       £65



Would you like to give someone a special present ? How about a voucher ?










Wind and waves What more could you want.

Lessons are run to the IKO BKSA level system with the goal of achieving level 2 . Independent Kitesurfer.

For the average beginner needs 10 to 15 hours of lessons

The more skilled you are with kites the shorter the teaching time.

If you previously ridden buggies or mountain boards then 5 to 10 hours

All our student are offered coaching free of charge once they have reached level 2

All equipment is provided apart from wetsuits





Cost 5 hours £99

Additional 3 hours  £70





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