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Koyot  A

Solid safe reliable  From School to XC  it will work for you

Hook   B The everyones glider . Fast agile and a great glide  From hill soaring to XC  go and  enjoy

Ikuma B+

Inro solid xc with out drama . Enough said

Artic    C

If XC is your thing  then you need the Artic  nothing else will do

Karisma     A great starting wing and for those who time constraints how much flying they can do 

Vista 3  For most pilots 

A cracking all round "B"  glider which is secure and has great xc potential

Zefira  Your xc weapon as good as top end certified wings get . Why settle for less?

Game 42  I rate this a the best recreational tandem there is .   Most Tandems are made for commercial work  . Quick up and down . The Game 42 is in a different league for sniffing out lift and staying airborne .


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Pre owned

 Niviuk Zion 19 Superb .    £999

Advance Zeta  21 as new   £1099

 777 Rook 2 ML  as new    £2900

Takoo3 43 as New            £2100


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