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Paragliding  Tuition and tandem flights

Free as a bird. It's not hard and with the expert tuition with our friends at Cloudbaseparagliding you could be soon up there to.


With taster days and Tandem flight dipping you toe could not be easier. 

          Tandem Flights

Tandem flying with an experienced pilot is the most accessable way of taking to the air.

Your pilot will talk through the flight explaining all the elements needed for the beauty of flight .

It is understandable that nerves and a little trepidation will be present but once airborne these disperse as the wind rushes past your face and natural sound of flight caresses your ears .

Look around it is not unusual to share the hills with birds .

Whether the tandem flight is an inspiration for future training or a one off special event we know you will enjoy it.


           Day Taster

 Not sure if paragliding is for you . Why not try a day taster ? If you do love it Great you have already started on your jouney to the clouds If not then at least you have had a totally new experience in stunning countryside.

Day tasters start with a safety briefing and learning about your glider. Then its glider up ,control and first hops to short low flights. Ending with a debreif .  Fun and good company is what it is all about.

           Elemental Pilot ( Ep)


 Elemental Pilot . The start of the path to the skies . This is a step by step progression from no experience to competence launching into low turning flight and good solid landings . You will master the safety ,glider inspection and a good solid grounding in the theory of flight ( very basic not at all scary). The end of the course is you Elemental pilot rating . The first step completed.

            Club Pilot ( CP)

   Onwards and upwards.  Perrequisite  EP.   Takiing you basic skill and adding in a smooth controled enviroment . The flights get longer and higher .  Slope soar coming down when you want .  Learn how the glider reacts in more chalanging situations .   Everthing is tailored to you . By the end you will have achieved a level where you are independant of the school and ready for coaching by the local clubs. Congratulations!!

           CP Holidays
A great way to gain you Clubpilot, learn to thermal  and meet like minded people in the Stunning French Alps. These holiday are only open to our current or x clients who we feel will fit in and progress both flying and making flying friends.  Accommodation and transfers to and from  the airport + a shuttle bus to take off .
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