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Kite Sports New and second hand equipment



Ocean Rodeo   2017
Priced to your Door UK only
Kites  From £744
Boards From £383
Harnesses    £153
Drysuits From £560
All pre 2019 on Discount. Come and Haggle

Land Equipment

Kites  form 1.4m to 4.5m

Land boards


Most sizes of kites new and  pre owned available  Bar lines .     

'Boards Ocean Rodeo 

Origin  X Demo £270 Perfect 

JT pro 134 New £250

JT Pro 129 New £250

Mako 140 x demo  as new £510  

King 169  x demo £490

Duke X Demo  Just on the water £578


Ocean Rodeo


5m Prodigy 2013  well used  £150

6m Rise  Very good condition  £200

7M Prodigy 2017 Little used    £630

7m Razor  Used in good condition small repair to strut  £225

8m Razor  Well used  small canopy repair £100

8m Razor Good overall condition   £310

9.5m Prodigy 2014  well used  fully serviceable £100

10m Flight  X Demo  hardly used £700

10m Rise  V good condition Professional LE repair  £210

12m Flight 2016 little used £400


Bar and Lines

From £100 Sh  to £340 for new



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