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Boxing Day at Bigbury

Storms that are causing such havoc to our dear friends in Cumbria are producing some epic condition here in Devon .

The wind is warm and strong coupled with low water at mid day conditions could not get better for going big

As always on a SW wind it is best on an out going tide and today was no exception 2 hours of boost tastic fun on a 9.5 Ocean Rodeo prodigy .

The Prodigy is an easy flying kite ideal for beginners . Run it powered and the same stability make for confidence in going big with super easy landings .

It was good to see Mr Mean Machine out on an 8m Ocean Rodeo Rises . Still going strong after many years of fun . Got those jump transitions nailed I see.

Well that's the turkey stuffing burnt off . Just got to wait a day for my knees to recover and we can do it all again.

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