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Trip Local to Ebbw Vale

4 days off and a pleasant weather forecast . Camper time!!

First stop a local hill for a refreshing couple of hours boating about the skies with Jenny on the Tandem . Last time we flew was 5 months ago !

Anyone know Burnham On Sea ? Apart from the sign post on the M5. Lovely seaside town with a refreshing walk along the beach to the lighthouse. Very clean tidy and parking bays nearly big enough for the camper .

where having a teaching day at Marros . Would be rude not to attend . Weather claggy . Fun and jollifications top notch. Most impresses with Jacob . I have seen many a rated pilot can't ground handle as well as he can.

The flying my have been down the hill but the friendship from this group of lads and lasses lifts you every time.

Reports where that Pandy was the place to be on Sunday but a morning peruse of the forecast indicated it would quickly be blown out .

Ebbw Vale then .

A slow start . Just like a Chiwawa on a trampoline Small hops no height gained . Both feeling a little frustrated

Third attempt 200' ABT was becoming constant . Thermal There we go. 700' This is getting a bit rough . 1000' This is far from fun . 1100 ' Getting down is becoming a worry.

Never had to work the sink before. Good on Jenny for taking the pictures . I was a little busy.

A fantastic few days off made special by the people we met .

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