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Benelux and Moselle Valley

Trip for September .

Think Paragliding and Nepal , Bulgaria, The Alps and Spain come flying to the front of ones mind but a look at a European paragliding site map shows a big cluster all with easy drive of Luxembourg .

It would be rude not to take a look .

All the sites visited are thermal heavens. Most had easy launch and all had easy landing sites

Launch from the grass Trees below launch have been cut right back to bush size .

Landing is on big strip by the river .

The scenery is absolutely stunning . Fly out over 13 century Chateaus beautiful tree covered river banks or vineyards in the Moselle valley.

The problem with paragliding holidays is what to do on the non flyable days .

This region is so full of historic villages and Chateaus there wont be enough time to visit them all!!

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