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Wonderful weekend

It is winter therefore crappy for paragliding . Right .

Wrong this weekend. A fantastic time was had with many hours in the air.

Pandy. A big ridge just in Wales beckoned with Easterly winds and sun . Both arrived bringing with them a special friend . Orthographic cloud . The special type that covers where the lift is but leaves the rest of the area clear . Fortunately for us as early birds a good few hours were had before it completely clagged in .

I don’t half put the wind up you in the clouds shouting is anyone out there when you get a reply!!. My copilot was kept very busy on lookout .


Another Half hour and Palmer will be ready

Sunday was a toss up Coastal predictable but boring or Mere an inland site which could be a bit rough and thermic .

No choice really Mere it was .

A slow start waiting for the wind to come as the sun burnt the mist off .

Winds on the hill everyone get in the air . Busy Busy then the Tandem enters the fun .

Copilot head is on a gimble Gliders coming from every direction, reminds me of France except these pilots were courtious and left room .

As the thermals started and the pack split good height gains were had . Pity I had to get back for a job otherwise it would have been to dusk session

Time to add a tandem to the mix

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